Once said can not be unsaid

How social networking works

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Online profile has consequences

Increasingly, online sites like myspace, facebook and bebo, as well as general searches using tools like Google, are being used to research a potential employee. They have also been used as the basis for terminating employment.

Other articles and examples here
  • The article describes how some people were turned down for employment because of what they had published online. The important thing here is that employers are looking at your online profile and the result for these particular people was negative. What would you need to do for a positive result?
  • Here is another negative story where a person was denied her teaching degree (second story here)because of her myspace page where there is a picture of herself apparently drinking.

Here are a couple of articles where teacher's online profile has created some controversy

So is the answer not to publish online and to not be part of these online communities?

Negatives can be positives

Where there are negatives there are also positives. Our online profile can be very powerful and it is important that we learn how to harness this to our advantage. It could help us win a job, contract or even a funding grant.

What are kids doing online?

In the Australian tour of Danah Boyd, sponsored by education.au, she stated that in the past youth were free to hang out with each other in all sorts of physical places that is not happening these days. Parents fear that their kids will be kidnapped, assaulted and so on. Online social networking provides kids with the place to hang out and socialise.

Danah suggests that it would be bestr for us to embrace online social networking and open up the conversations that promote the growth of ethical and moral learning.

Proposal for Facebook week

  • Gather a group of students who are active and experienced with social networking. Ask them to be mentors for staff.
  • Some students may want to create a new user account specifically for this activity.
  • Staff create a user account with facebook with student assistance.
  • Need to unblock Facebook for this week
  • Need to advertise this week for parents and the school community
  • Students talk to staff about options for privacy when they create their profile
  • Staff and students create friendships via facebook to experience this process - at the end of facebook week we should make it a rule that we break all of these friendships
  • Staff and students join the group 'GHS Facebook Week'
  • Create an event where we invite all participants to a viewing of the video "???????????" to do with online safety.
  • Send private message
  • Write on anothers wall
  • Ask a question and invite friends to respond