Stage 2 Information Processing and Publishing

Unit: Desktop Publishing
Assessment Component 3: Issues Analysis
Learning Outcomes: 3 and 6

Engineering Lesley


Lesley works for an engineering firm and has been asked to quickly make a flier to promote an aspect of the business. There are some excellent images that would be useful to use on various web sites and in places like Flickr (
Explain using a maximum of 500 words, plus diagrams, what can be used.


Explain using a maximum of 500 words, plus diagrams, what can be used.
Include a correctly formatted bibliography.

Weighting 15%

Support Materials

The following resources are useful in addition to the game

What a crappy present image t.gifexternal image t.gif
This site probably reflects how some people feel about copyright issues.

Australian Copyright Council image t.gifexternal image t.gif
However there are laws associated with using other people's work. Look for the basic overview of copyright on this site

Explaining Creative Commons video image t.gifexternal image t.gif
So people feel that there is a better system of copyright. At the moment you do not have to put any copyright notice on your work. It is automatically copyright. The hassle is for the person who uses your work to try and contact you and seek permission. Creative Commons is a system where you specify up front how people may use your work. There are lots of people on the internet who are using Creative Commons licenses

Cartoon about how CC works image t.gifexternal image t.gif

Australian Copyright Council - fact sheet re Creative Commons image t.gifexternal image t.gif
The Copyright Council has other ideas about how good Creative Commons is.

In addition to this I have a number of other sites that I have found relating to copyright