This graph provides a summary of the features that we prioritised. The blue columns are probably the most useful as they provide the average priority. By putting the purple horizontal line in we can provide a short list of the highest priorities. There is the need to interpret this graph more closely however bearing in mind the comments people made below in terms of 'Other features comments', where they were using the comments to
  • reinforce priorities of certain features,
  • adding other features to the list
  • and also the fact that a number of groups commented that they did not know what some of the features were.

An example is that 'website suggestions' is one of those that are above the purple line. RSS feeds are well below the purple line and yet RSS feeds might be the way to achieve the website suggestions outcome in a collaborative way.

Other features comments

  • A few comments about making it user friendly and easy to navigate. One group found a feature where the books suggestions were images of the cover and by moving the mouse over these images a popup was created with details and reviews. Generally however the comments were basically around the idea that features are not of much value if they can not be easily located.
  • Clickview integration was seen as special priority by a few

  • Some other suggestions included Local History, Details about the Librarian including a photo, Tips on analysing websites, there usefulness, Tips on Research skills
  • There was also a comment about not forgetting the existing resources - new furniture, more staff, keeping relevant non-fiction books, more books.
  • Building in shared development so that different people can manage different parts of the website


Comments ranged from a great process to not a good one. There were several comments that people did not understand what all of the features were and so we will need to bear this in mind as we make decisions about what to do next.