Relevant photos of Korea trip

Edunet - KERIS

Edunet provided a range of services to both students and teachers.
  • Teachers
    • are able to post a request for advice regarding teaching issues, could be behaviour management for example. Peers and paid advisors are able to reply.
    • are able to get and SMS notifying them of a reply.
    • are able to share learning materials.
  • Students
    • are able to access learning materials.
    • are able to ask questions of cyber teachers (paid teachers)
    • are able to test themselves so that they can work out where their weak area are
    • can write an essay, click on a teacher's face to indicate who they want to provide feedback

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Seoul Education and Research & Information Institute

Teachers COP
Student website
  • focus appears to be on students testing themselves
  • accessing learning materials
  • parent tutors available online to answer questions

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Video Production studios

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Cyber Teacher

Changdong Middle School
  • Teacher by day and cyber teacher after that
  • unpaid
  • answers student questions online
  • Gains professional credibility
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  • 6 studios with 100 producers making 12,000 videos per annum
  • 300 paid cyber teachers to provide interaction for students through questions and answers
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A teacher going over his notes while getting makeup done.
Out interpretor said that these teachers are often regarded as celebrities
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Taken in one of the studios with a teacher who had just completed a English lesson
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Some post production equipment. Videos are available via a dedicated TV station and online.
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