Mindmapping is another tool that can be used for every class. We will be using a free online tool for this called bubbl.us

How to use Bubble.us

Watch this video about how to use Bubble.us first

An example mindmap

Here is an example of a mindmap that I created about mindmapping. It is using another free online tool called mindomo.

Create a Mindmap

  1. Create a user account at Bubble.usexternal image t.gif
    • NOTE: Remember the rules about your and others personal safety
    • You will have to sign up before you can log in
    • Remember this login as I hope that you will be able to use it for other classes to do really cool work
  2. Create a new mindmap.
  3. As you work on it, save it as a private mindmap
  4. Make the focus for your mindmap Household Recycling
  5. Features to include on your mindmap are
    1. Some shapes using different colour fills
    2. Change the text font characteristics in some shapes
    3. A shape with a hyperlink to a webpage (eg Grant High School's website)
    4. An image
    5. As many other features as you like.
  6. When you have finished, you will need to locate the URL for your mindmap by going to the 'open' button. In this area you can save it as a public mindmap if you wish and it will also give you information about the URL to use to link to it information.
  7. Copy the link to the large image and email it to tallman_email.jpg